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State/Province: Massachusetts
Zip/Postal Code: 32097
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Message: Dear Team, Sorry to burst in the front door like this, but the traditional job search market has been a tough shell to crack lately. My name is Nate Flanders, an experienced professional in business development and marketing consulting. Recently, I transitioned from being the Director of Operations at a manufacturing company based in Florida. As a dedicated single father, I am actively seeking new consultancy roles with hopes of evolving into something long term. My expertise includes: Business and marketing strategy Lead generation and CRM automation SEO, digital marketing, copy writing, data scraping, and back link generation Extensive Team and sales management Featured in Forbes, I've also presented live on Nasdaq interviews in NYC. I'm eager to offer my skills to fill any gaps in your business. Let's discuss potential collaboration opportunities. Contact info: Email: [email protected] Text/call: 904-530-0330. LinkedIn: Best, Nate Flanders